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General Screensaver
Christmas Screensaver
This has 11 images of Sue's work showing the diversity of her talent
8 images of Sue's work, all with a Christmas/Winter theme and a Christmas message from us
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Download Screensaver

Joy of Horses Screensaver
This shows images from Sue's Magazine "The Joy of Horses" which is published every two months exclusively online and is completely FREE to viewers. Click here for more details

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for 800x600 screen resolution and above

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for 640x480 screen resolution

"I think your pictures are the nicest racing pictures I have ever seen. I have been brought up on horseracing, coming from the Newmarket area. I spend all of my annual leave days visiting different courses around the country. I think your web pages are superb. Keep up the good work. Kind regards"
Eileen Brigg (UK)

They will run under Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 and Windows 98 but not NT. You will need at least 256 colours on your video card.

The general and Christmas screensavers are about 1.3mb in size. The Joy of Horses is some 1.7mb for the higher screen resolution and 1.3mb for the lower screen resolotion. They are all self-extracting zip exe files. Double click or run the files. From there, just follow the instructions.

If you would like a screensaver developed then please look at the SigmaRoc Software Web page for further details.

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